Project Submission Guidelines

for chapters requesting funding assistance

Rev1 Jan 99
Council Policy Statement No. 13 provides that chapters submitting requests for funding assistance must have submitted financial reports, operating reports and have participated in Council Activities. The following information would be extremely helpful in approving project requests:


  1. Financial Report for FY____submitted_________(date)
  2. Operating Report for FY____submitted_________(date)
  3. Council Activities (brief description)
  4. Name and Phone No. of Chapter project coordinator.
  5. Name and Phone No. of requesting agency coordinator ( if other than chapter)
  6. Brief description of project (location, scope, benefit, est.start/completion)
  7. Anticipated chapter participation in project
  8. Participation anticipated by cooperating agencies
  9. Funding information:
    1. Total project cost estimate
    2. Chapter funding
    3. Other funding anticipated (grants, agency funds or gifts)
    4. Future funding needs (ongoing maintenance, deferred work, etc.)
  10. Other information: (include any other information you believe would be helpful in gaining project approval, justification for emergency request, etc.)

Project funding requests should be submitted under the chapter letterhead and signed by the chapter president, vice-president, director, or other available chapter officer if possible.

Council checks are normally forwarded to chapter treasurers following approval at the quarterly council meetings. Council President may approve earlier payment when requested.

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