Washington State Trout Unlimited Chapters
and Locations

Active chapters in Washington State Trout Unlimited and their web pages are listed below. Click on a chapter name to access the web page or see the latest newsletter.

If you looking to join your local chapter, call or email the chapter president below. If you do not know which chapter is nearest you, access the help facility at our national Trout Unlimited web site.

IIn order for all members to have access to an active chapter, a number of chapters have been consolidated into others and some chapters have been de-chartered. To view a map of Washington state, that shows the region covered by the active chapters, click here.

Bellevue-Issaquah #109

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President: Mark Taylor
E-mail Mark
Treasurer: Kevin Ostendorf
E-mail Kevin

Secretary: Steve Laing

Mailing Address: Bellevue/Issaquah Chapter of Trout Unlimited, P.O. Box 2652, Issaquah, WA 98027-0121

Clark County #560
President: Jarod Norton

Vice President: James Byrne

Secretary: Brice Crayne

Treasurer: Jim Moore


Clearwater-Snake Rivers #935

President: Michael Wells


E-mail Michael

Duwamish/Green #115
President: Dr. John Muramatsu
E-mail John
Vice President: Bill Robinson


E-mail Bill

Secretary: Brian Hayes

Maiing address: Duwamish/Green Chapter of Trout Unlimited; P.O. Box 98046; Des Moines, WA 98198

Edmonds #101
President: Greg Beach

Secondary Vice President: Gary McConaghy

Secretary: Judith Zimmerman

Icicle Valley #391
President: Mike Wyant

Vice-president: Ed Lee

Secretary: Dave Moazed
Treasurerr: Carolyn Lang
Mailing address: Icicle Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited, PO Box 271, Leavenworth, WA 98826

Klickitat #484
President: Olivia Holderman

(509) 773-3326

Vice-president: Bruce Edwards

(509) 773-6139

2nd Vice-president: Tom Fritsch

(509) 773-3380

Secretary-Treasurer: Gary Gidley

(509) 773-0127

Kitsap - Olympic Peninsula Chapter #383

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President: Steve Burns

E-mail Steve
Vice Presideent: Nicholas Fellander

Treasurer: Jim Pickett

E-mail Jim

Secretary: Mark Greenwood

E-mail Mark

Conservation Chair: Steve Remmer

E-mail Steve

Social Media Coordinator: Jasmine Sinner

E-mail Jasmine

Women's Initiative Chair: Julie Kelner

E-mail Julie

Membership Chair: Julie Kelner

E-mail Julie

Science Advisor: Paul Dorn

E-mail Paul

Northshore #220

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Vice President: Steve Winder

(425) 750-0946

E-mail Steve

Treasurer: Chris Tompkins

(206) 948-7291

E-mail Chris

Secretary: Jeff Moore

(206) 459-4606

E-mail Jeff


North Sound #938

President: Jon Luthanen

(317) 412-2349

Vice President: Chris Vanstaalduinen

Secretary: Jeff Cantle

Treasurer: Scott Willison

Olympia #189

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President: Pat Prichard

Vice-President: John Hicks

Treasurer:Jim Brosio

Mailing address: Olympia Chapter of Trout Unlimited, PO Box 7708, Olympia, WA 98507-7708


Sky Valley Chapter #654
President: Dan Jones

Treasurer: Gary Bee

(360) 794-6378

E-mail Gary

Spokane Falls #76

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President: Bill Abrahamse

(509) 209-4048

E-mail Bill

Secretary: Richard Brereton

Treasurer: Daniel Brereton

Conservation Chair: Harvey Morrison

E-mail Harvey

Women's Initiative Chair: Hillary Hart

E-mail Hillary

Mailing address: Spokane Falls Trout Unlimited, P.O. Box 30185, Spokane, WA 99223

Tacoma #146

Secretary/Treasurer: Thomas Nichols

Mailing address: Tacoma Chapter of Trout Unlimited; P.O. Box 598; Milton, WA 98354 ddress:

Washington Women's Iniative

Council Chair: Heather Hodson

E-mail Heather

WI Chapter committees and chairs:

Olympia: J. Michele Swope

e-mail Michelle

Kitsap/Olympia Penninsula: Julie Kelner

e-mail Julie

Spokane: Marnie Miller

e-mail Marnie

Yakima: Donna Burgs

e-mail Donna

Bellevue/Issaquah: Renee Pitra & Allison Awasthi

e-mail Renee

e-mail Allison

Icicle Valley: Monique Force

e-mail Monique

North Sound: Phaedra Booth

e-mail Phaedra


Yakima #94
President: Donna Broers

Vice President:open

Secretary:Tim Gavin

Treasurer: Tim Gavin

(509) 966-7628

E-mail Tim


Yakima River Headwaters #090

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President: Derek Young

e-mail Derek

Treasurer: Kevin McPhee


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